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Here you will find bios and picture galleries of the guinea pigs in our breeding lines. These piggies are not for sale as pets but our hope is that you'll be able to get an idea of personality traits of the baby guinea pigs upon viewing the profiles of the parents. Scroll down to get to meet our breeding line of guinea pigs!

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Meet Acorn, our female Golden Agouti Guinea Pig. As of 11/21/19, she is a new arrival to Bentley Critters and just 7 weeks old so she has some growing to do. We love her coat and are excited to get to know her better!


Mr. Pringles

Meet Mr. Pringles, our male black and white Skinny Guinea Pig. As off 11/21, he is a new arrival to Bentley Critters and we are in love already! Would you look at that nose! OMG! He is brother to Captain Jack. We are super excited to add his line to our breeding tree!


Captain jack

Meet Captain Jack, our male black American Guinea Pig. As of 11/21, he is a new arrival to Bentley Critters but already he has shown to be a very friendly and laid back piggie! A real cuddler!



Meet Squirrel, our female Broken Agouti American Guinea Pig. As of 11/21, Squirrel has newly joined Bentley Critters so we are still getting to know her but are excited to share more about her!



Meet Rainbow! He is our young male Abyssinian guinea pig. After every storm comes a Rainbow. Rainbow is our baby girl's guinea pig.  

Rainbow is spunky and filled with guinea pig energy that results in him playing with his friends with enthusiasm and quinea pig squeals of excitement! When it comes to human interaction, Rainbow prefers to be observed playing with his piggie friends rather than cuddling.



Meet Waldo, our female American guinea pig... and let's just start with this: Waldo was sold to us as a MALE guinea pig. Waldo was thusly named by my father-in-law, because as he said, "At some point, someone will ask, 'Where's Waldo?'" 

Waldo is a very sweet, loving and calm guinea pig. Of all of our piggies, she is the one who is most content just sitting in your lap and cuddling up beside your leg. She'll stay there forever!



Meet Elvis, our male Peruvian guinea pig! Would you look at that 'do?! The original Elvis would be proud! Uh, thank you very much.

Elvis is by far the most playful of our bunch of piggies. He's curious and bursting with personality! 


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