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Here you will find bios and picture galleries of the rats in our breeding lines. These rats are not for sale as pets but our hope is that you'll enjoy these profiles of the parents. Scroll down to get to meet our breeding line of rats! 

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Jerry Grey Rat

Meet Jerry Grey Rat, our male Black Rat. Jerry is the patriarch rat of our family of rats. Jerry is a kind, curious, affectionate, fun-loving cuddler of a friend. He is never happier than when he's crawling around on someone or snuggling in to fall asleep in your lap. Of all of our rat pets, he's the best laprat! 


Hammie Hamilton Bentley

Meet Hammie Hamilton Bentley, our female Hooded Marten Rat. Hammie is quite possibly the sweetest rat that I, and YOU, are likely to ever meet! She is so docile and easy going. She is especially gentle with our kids who are 4 and 6 years old. She is also a very attentive and responsible mother to all of her babies.



Meet Schrew, our male Black Rat with Berkshire Markings. Schrew got his tail degloved as a baby rat and once healed, he looked just like a little schrew... so, the name stuck! He is an incredibly friendly, cuddly, loving rat. 

Schrew, our male black rat with Berkshire Markings


Meet Noodle, our female Agouti rat with Berkshire markings. Noodle is one of the most affectionate rats that we've yet had! She loves giving kisses and licks while cuddling. Her coat color is just gorgeous! 



Noodle, our Female Agouti Rat with Berkshire markings 


Meet Rainy, our female Black Hooded Rat. Rainy is another of our females who is super affectionate and an avid cuddler!



Meet Stewart, our young Male  Beige Rat. Stewart is a hold back rat from Rainey and Jerry's litter so we have very high hopes for him and look forward to seeing him grow up and adding him to our  line.

Stewart, our Male Beige Rat

Stewart, our Male Beige Rat


Meet Cinderella, our female, light cream-hooded Rex Rat. Cindy is our newest addition! She is so sweet and docile. We are really, really excited to see some litters come from her. Stay tuned!


Cinderella, our female Rex Rat


Meet Danielle, our female Black Marbled Rat. Danielle is a very sweet girl and also a VERY FAST runner! She might be the fastest rat in our rattery (whether that is a good thing is yet to be determined).



Meet Mindy, our female Red Eyed Marten Hooded Rat. She is a daughter of Hammie and Pablo and she was born 12/15/19. Truly, she looks like Hammie's mini. She is just exploding with personality and loves playing. She is a very curious little rat.



This is Hambone, our male Red Eyed Marten Rat. He is a son of Hammie and Pablo and was born 12/15/19. Like his sister, he too is proving to have tons of energy and charisma! We are super excited to watch him grow!


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