We're just a family raising critters!

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About Us

Experienced Breeders

We started out like most breeders- as simply fans of pets and animals. Before we knew it, our home pet operation had exploded/expanded into a homegrown pet and feeder operation. We are proud to offer quality critters and pets for sale that have been bred and raised with care.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

All of our critters are bred in-house with close attention paid to breeds and lineage as well as temperament. 

A Furever Friend

Our promise is to provide a healthy critter to our valued customers. We are a breeder that takes pride in each and every pet for sale, with convenient location to both North and South Carolina (Charlotte, Columbia, Raleigh, Charleston, Wilmington and beyond).

Why choose us?

We live near the border of North and South Carolina  (in close proximity to Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbia, Rock Hill, Charleston, Wilmington and beyond) and simply want to utilize our love for critters to help other families! We take pride in offering the highest quality critters. We love all animals- you wouldn't believe how many pets we have! We love our rats, mice, guinea pigs and other critters and hope that you will love yours too!